1. Standard Quality CISS 7520 PRE-CHIPPED
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    Standard Quality CISS 7520 PRE-CHIPPED
    [564x5 medium]

    Price:  $150.00


Standard Quality CISS

  • Perfilled with 520ml of ink
  • 4 x 100ml Ink Reservoirs & 1 x 120ml Black Ink Reservoirs
  • UV ink Technology
  • Double internal chamber design
  • Hard ABS plastic body UV blocking silicone tubes
  • Ink level resetting chips
Compatible with

Photosmart B8550, B8553, B8558, C5380, C6340, C6350, C6375, C6380, C6383

Photosmart D5545, D5460, D5468, D7560

Photosmat C309, C310, C410, C510

Photosmart 7510, 7520

Photosmart All-in-one, Photosmart Plus, Photosmart Premium, Photosmart Premium Fax, Photosmart Wireless

Quality of CISS
Ink Quality

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