About Inkghost

About Inkghost


Aftermarket ink products are a minefield.  Everywhere you look advertisers are marketing their respective wares and making claims that sometimes sound too good to be true.  Is the product safe?, will it damage my printer? does it actually work?  Is the seller just profiteering from a cheap copy product?

These are the questions which prompted us to create Inkghost.  We searched and located three quality ranges of products, basic, standard and premium.  We then let you choose the product which suits you.  We try to provide you with all the information so you can make an educated choice based on your own budget and individual needs. 

We are an online business based in Melbourne, Australia and do not have a shopfront.  This allows us to reduce our overheads and provide products at the cheapest price possible.

We do not manufacture any products but rather we source products worldwide, test them rigorously and evaluate them.  We take out the guess work and make the minefield that is ink and related products, easier to navigate.  You will even notice identical basic and standard products being sold on Ebay, along with creative advertising techniques, at far more expensive prices by greedy profiteers.

We ship daily and support printers from most parts of the world.