1. Premium Quality Pigment Ink - Black 100ml #940
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    Premium Quality Pigment Ink - Black 100ml #940
    [HP940 Black]

    Price:  $25.00


Premium Quality Black Pigment Ink - HP 940 Series

100ml Ink : 1 x Black

  • Premium high grade laser quality resin encapsulated pigment ink
  • Inks profiled for all HP printers using 940 Series specific OEM cartridge release
  • Laser quality prints
  • UV absorber component - increased print fade life
  • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
  • Neutral PH & tension levels
  • Increased colour Gamut (Colour Spectrum)

Suitable for HP Printers using: #940 cartridges

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Ink Quality
Colour Accuracy
Easy Install
Full Support Provided