1. Premium Quality Dye Ink - Yellow 100ml LC3333
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    Premium Quality Dye Ink - Yellow 100ml LC3333

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Premium Quality Ink - 100ml LC3333

100ml of Rihac Platinum Photo Premium Dye Ink:
1 x Yellow

  • Premium grade micro filtered dye ink
  • Market leading colour accuracy. Rihac is the only company who make inks formulated & manufactured to match each genuine Brother ink series (more accurate colours).
  • Contains surfactants to reduce surface tension, increasing flow performance through the printhead
  • Contains defoaming agents to reduce bubbles that cause air forges (blocks) in printheads
  • 100% compatible with OEM ink
  • UV absorber component - increased print fade life
  • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
  • ROHS and REACH Compliance Certified
  • Increased colour Gamut (Colour Spectrum)
  • Dye based inks suitable for CISS or refillable cartridges

Suitable for Brother Printers using: LC3333 cartridges

Ink Quality
Colour Accuracy
Full Support Provided