1. Premium Quality CISS XP-4205
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    Premium Quality CISS XP-4205

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Premium Quality CISS

NOTE: To use this product your printer requires special modified firmware $59.99 which turns off the printers need for any cartidge chips . The firmware is free to download from inkchip.net or chiplesssolutions.com but you need to purchase a key to activate the firmware which turns off the ink level monitor allowing you to then fit a CISS. Chipless Firmware activation keys can be purchased by selecting the drop down option on this listing or by clicking here. To install chipless firmware you will need a PC (no Mac option) and a USB cable. The process is very simple and the video at the bottom of the listing provides a guide on how to install the firmware. Written instructions are also provided with the CISS.

Prefilled with 400ml of ink Inks colour profiled specifically to match

Epson 49 and 49XL series cartridges


UV absorber for increased print fade life


Silicone tubing and ABS plastic ink reservoirs (UV block)


Isobaric equilibrium structure (Constant pressure)


400mls of ink is equivalent to approx 154 genuine Epson 49 series Cartridges

which would cost you approximately $2,511.03

Quality of CISS
Ink Quality
Easy Install

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