1. Epson T10 Refillable Cartridge Kit with Premium Ink
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 May, 2024.

    Epson T10 Refillable Cartridge Kit with Premium Ink

    Price:  $442.99


Epson T10 Refillable Cartridges with Premium Ink

  • Refillable cartridge set to suit Epson brand printers using T10S, T10W, T10Y (C13T10) OEM cartridge cartridges
  • Set contains:
    4 refillable cartridges ( BK, C, M, Y)

    300ml of Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow RihacĀ® Resin Encapsulated Photo Pro Pigment Inks (K, C, M, Y)

  • Easy refill 325ml ink volume
  • Internal air damper chamber designed to prevent air entering ink lines
  • Translucent design with metal bearing ink valve
  • Constructed from strong HDPE materials
  • Endlessly refillable with no resets needed
  • Compatible models include WorkForce Pro: WF-C5310, WF-C5390, WF-C5810 & WF-C5890

    This product requires the purchase of Chipless Firmware
This product requires modified firmware to be installed on your printer. This firmware informs the printer that it always has full ink cartridges installed. It is vital to visually check the cartridges ink levels regularly. Running your printer whilst the cartridges are empty can cause irreversible damage. The firmware can be downloaded from Inkchip.net by clicking here. Once installed you will need to purchased an activation key- approx. $60USD. This can be purchase via inkchip.net or directly by calling 1300 465 446 or emailing info@inkghost.com.au.

The modified firmware needs to be installed using a windows PC via USB (no Mac alternative), however once installed the printer can be used via Wi-Fi and also on a Mac if required. It is only the firmware installation and activation that needs to be done via USB connection to a PC.