1. Basic Quality 120ml CISS MG6250
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    Basic Quality 120ml CISS MG6250
    [MP980 120mlB]

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Basic Grade CISS

  • Basic Grade CISS imported from China
  • Prefilled with basic quality inks imported from China
  • 120ml reservoirs
  • Choice of chipped or unchipped units
Compatible with
MG6150, MG6250, MG8150, MG8250
Quality of CISS
Ink Quality

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HEAT – Common sense here but it's not a good idea to have your ink reservoir in a place where it is exposed to radiant heat, for example having exposed to the radiant sun shine through the window on a 35 degree day. Air expands when heated and a CISS system balances using barometric pressure. So if the air inside the ink reservoir expands enough it can push some ink up the air balance tubes and this can overflow small amounts of ink from the top of the reservoir. This can easily be avoided by keeping the unit out of extreme heat conditions and by ensuring when you first install the CISS you follow the instructions and empty the air balance tubes.

I've heard they stuff up after a while?

CISS units are extremely simplistic in design. The greatest problem we see is people not reading the instruction manual and installing the units by guessing. You have a perfectly good instruction manual so please read it.


Really the only inconvenience is air in the system and this is generally because it was not removed prior to installation. Then when it does become an issue it can effect print quality which prompts some customers to again not read the manual but to 'self diagnose' and do things like raising the ink system above the printer which pushes ink into the printer and actually makes the air issue worse. Again these are very simple issues to avoid by simply reading the installation manual or watching our videos.

Do I get any support with this product?

The basic and standard systems are import product manufactured by Chinese manufacturers. The instructions are basic and support is very limited.


If you are looking for a system with great support consider the Premium option, in this case the Rihac Inklink. It is a higher quality product and support is 100% provided by the manufacturer, rihac based in Melbourne. No one knows CISS better than them after all they invented it.

Are there any instructions with this unit?
The basic and standard systems come with basic setup instructions. The premium quality units come with a far more in-depth manual which covers all troubleshooting and support issues.
Are these inks dye, pigment or sublimation ink?

Canon printers (and Canon OEM carridges) use dye based ink in the colour cartridges and a pigment ink in the black text cartridge.


All CISS units use dye based ink for both the colour and both black cartridges. The reason for this is that pigment ink is much like sand in water and heavily prone to settlement (particularly in large volumes like 100mls). By using dye inks which are compleltely soluble we can ensure there is no risk of damaging or blocking the print heads.


Dye ink is a water based ink and is a great all round ink. It produces fantastic vivid prints when used on inkjet photo paper but is not waterproof. Dye inks are also susceptible to fading caused by the molecular breakdown caused by UV light.


Sublimation ink is a patented ink which turns into a gas when heated. It is used to print onto t-shirts and items which have special coatings to hold the inks.


Sublimation ink and printing is a specialised item and not suitable in Canon printers due to their thermal print heads.