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    Premium Quality CISS IP4000
    [ip4000 rihac]

    Price:  $120.00


Premium Quality CISS

    Prefilled with 500ml of ink
    US UV nano-micron filtered ink
    Inks colour profiled specifically to match Canon BCI-3eBK and BCI-6
    UV absorber components for increased print fade life
    Silicone tubing and ABS plastic ink reservoirs (UV block)
    Isobaric equilibrium structure (Constant pressure)
    Silicone seal system (specific to Canon printers) ensures no air breach

    500mls of ink is equivalent to approximately 35 cartridges which would cost you over $1007* No chips required

Quality of CISS
Ink Quality
Easy Install
Full Support Provided




The unit comprises of a large reservoir of ink (100mls of each colour) that sit outside your printer. Attached to the reservoir is a set of silicone tubes which feed into special cartridges which you use instead of your current cartridges. The printer works exactly the same way but now you have 100mls of each colour rather than 10mls (which is the contents of the average cartridge).

Even better, when you get low on ink, just pull out the plug on the reservoir and pour in some refill ink.


Best of all you are saving up to 94% compared to the cost of cartridges.


Obviously, the more you print the more you will be saving.


Consider it this way, The Canon BCI-6 colour cartridges have approximately 13mls of usable ink inside while the BCI-3eBK has around 25mls. Canon BCI-6 cartridges retail for around $29.30 each and the BCI-3eBK is about $24.75 (prices correct as of Jan 2014 via officeworks online*)


Rihac CISS is prefilled with 500ml of Rihac ink and is equivalant to approximately 31 Canon cartridges which would cost you about $1007.00 to purchase seperately.



A Rihac set of replacement inks (5 x 100ml of each colour) would cost you $58.50 for 500mls of ink. To buy the same amount of Canon cartridges it would cost you over $1007*. Therefore when refilling your CISS you will save $948.80 everytime you refill!!!


How long it take to install the unit?

Comprehensive instructions are provided with your inklink. The system should take you 20-30 minutes to install depending on the printer model.


print head seal technology, canon print head seals by rihac Continuous Ink Supply Systems require a perfect seal between the print head and the print cartridges. Over a decade ago the rihac engineers developed special silicone washers which create an air tight seal between the inkjet cartridge and print head.  canon print head with seals
canon print head with rihac seals The result is aperfect air seal that prevents air developing in the CISS feed lines and maintains optimum operating performance. In simple terms this makes your system reliable with no issues caused by air and ink leakage

For emptying air balance chamber instructional
video please click here



Instructions Coming Soon






Rihac is a Melbourne based company and the world leader in continuous inking products. For the better part of a decade they have been engineering and developing ink supply units known as the Inklink® or CISS for the majority of brand named printers such as Canon, HP, Brother and Epson.



From humble beginnings back in 2002 they created the first InkLink CISS unit based on a gravity flow system created in the USA. Rather than using a gravity based system, rihac developed a purpose designed and self-contained ink reservoir. This reservoir was engineered with special 'air balance tubes' to balance the pressure regardless of the ink level and act like a normal ink cartridge. They made the system endlessly refillable and set about using the best quality inks they could source. Since then, rihac have established themselves as the world leaders in ink supply systems and produce products for more printers than any other similar products in the world.


With ink base products supplied from Cabot's (USA) and Diamond (UK) they make 100% sure that their products will never damage your print heads and will match the OEM colours.

Their dye based inks are micro filtered and have a special UV absorber to maximise print life beyond generic inks. Their inks were even reviewed by choice magazine who rated them as the only aftermarket inks tested that matched the original cartridge colours.

Rihac products have been the subject of many other reviews (available online) and product awards, including being a finalist for the 2011 Women's Weekly product of the year and 2012 Telstra Business Awards People's Choice Winners and MYOB small business awards Victorian Finalist both 2012 and 2013. Testament to the quality and product support is the numerous online comments and customer reviews available on our website, Ebay and online.



Rihac also have a team which visit community groups and other interested parties giving talks on colour printing, colour management issues, printer choices and of course the rihac product range.