1. Premium Sublimation Ink Set x 6
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    Premium Sublimation Ink Set x 6

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Premium Quality - Sublimation Ink Set of 6

  • Generic Profile to suit all Epson & Brother printers
  • Premium High Grade Sublimation Ink
  • Fast Dry - High Speed Printing Performance
  • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
  • Rich Colour with High Ink Fluidity
  • Particle Size of Dispersive under 100nm (0.1um)
  • Easy installation with full product support provided

1 x 100ml Cyan dye sublimation ink
1 x 100ml Light Cyan dye sublimation ink
1 x 100ml Magenta dye sublimation ink
1 x 100ml Light Magenta dye sublimation ink
1 x 100ml Yellow dye sublimation ink
1 x 100ml Black dye sublimation ink

About Sublimation

Sublimation Ink is a specialised product used for printing images onto garments or sublimation treated products (i.e. mugs). Once an image is printed onto 'sublimation paper' the image is transferred using a heat press. The application of heat and pressure causes the dyes in the image to convert to a gas. The heat applied to the object being printed causes the 'pores' of the object to open. Rapid removal of the heat causes these 'pores' to close and the gas (now trapped in the 'pores') converts back to a solid, leaving the coloured image.


Dye Sublimation inks have a higher viscosity and overall consistency to OEM inks (i.e. Normal ink used in general printing) It is widely accepted that the life of the printer is reduced when using it with specialised inks such as sublimation. It is also recommended to use the printer frequently or run weekly head cleaning cycles to reduce the chance of print head blockages caused by dried ink. It is typically harder to clean a blocked print-head that uses sublimation inks.

Widely regarded as the best choice in aftermarket ink products, Rihac Sublimation inks are universally profiled to suite EPSON and Brother printers. Rihac is a multi-award-winning brand including a winner of both the Australian and World Brand Awards 2017 for product excellence.

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