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    Premium Matte Black 100ml Photo Pro Ink for 3880

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Premium Rihac Photo Pro Pigment Ink

  • 1 x 100ml Matte Black Premium Resin Encapsulated
    Pigment ink (UltraChrome HDR Equivalent)

  • Pigment Base from Cabots in the USA
  • Inks profiled for Epson 3880 using:
    T5801-T5809 OEM cartridges

  • Highest end UV life
  • Foil sealed for prolonged shelf life
  • Neutral PH & tension levels
  • Extended colour gamut (Colour Spectrum)
    to beyond the Adode RGB ICC profile

Platinum Photo Pro is a high end resin encapsulated pigment ink
(Ultrachrome HDR Equivalent). Resin encapsulation of the pigment particle results
in a reduction of print head clogging, increases UV life and decreases settlement.

Head Blockages - In very simplistic terms pigment particles are minerals and as such in microscopic terms they have very solid jagged edges. When these particles travel to the print head they quite literally catch on each other and the jagged edges can cause them to clump together and form a physical blockage. Resin encapsulation is a process where the pigment particles are encased in a thin layer of acrylic co-polymer making the balls of pigment 'roll' together and with no jagged edges to catch on, they do not block the print heads and are thus a more reliable ink to put through your expensive printer.
Increased UV Life -
This micro-thin layer around the pigment particles absorbs a level of UV radiation in essence creating an additional layer of protection against UV light.

Decreased Settlement - The resin encapsulation insulates the static charge of the pigment particle. Traditional pigment inks are prone to settlement caused in part by the electrical charge of the particles drawing them together much like a magnet. Insulating against the static charge better resists settlement.

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