1. LC3313 LC3317 LC3319 LC3329 40 x Ink Cartridge Chip Resetter
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    LC3313 LC3317 LC3319 LC3329 40 x Ink Cartridge Chip Resetter

    Price:  $52.99


Brother LC3313 LC3311, LC3317 LC3319 Cartridge Chip Resetter

  • 40x Chip Resetters
  • USB Powered Chip Resetter
    (USB cable not included)
  • Resets OEM Genuine Brother Chips
  • Resets all after market Brother Chips
    (for supported models) known at time of listing
  • Equates to $1.32 when using the 40x resetter
Compatible with

Brother LC3311, LC3313XL, LC3317, LC3319XL & LC3329


Please Note: The chip resetters are powered by a USB cable (not included) and are pre-programmed with a set number of cartridge chip resets. The two available options are 120x and 40x. Once the chip resetter has exceed the amount of pre-programmed chip resets it will need to be replaced. The resetter works with both OEM genuine Brother cartridge chips and also with non-genuine after market chips. It should be noted that after market chips are powered by a small battery which is not user replaceable. That battery lasts a maximum of 2 years (generally around 12 months). These chips can be reset an unlimited amount of times until the battery is flat at which time the chip must be replaced (unless using a genuine Brother chip which does not require a battery). If you need any further information feel free to speak to us for more details.