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    5 x Canon 650 & 651 Refillable Cartridges with Premium Refill Ink

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Refillable Cartridge Set with
Premium Rihac Refill Ink

5 x Refill Cartridges suitable for printers using Canon 650 & 651

  • Set contains 5 refillable cartridges (PGBK, BK, C, M, Y)
    to suit Canon PGI-650 & CLI-651
  • Pre-chipped with 'remove to reset' chips
    (simply take them out and put them back in to reset ink level)
  • 5 x 100ml Premium Ink Refills (2 x BK, 1 x C, M, Y)
  • Can be used and refilled at least 10 times
  • Safe & quick refilling process
  • Simple and easy to install
  • With Rihac Patented Silicone Print Head Seals
  • Syringes and Filling Needles provided
  • Upgrade to Colour Syringe Set for $6.00
Compatible with
Canon Printers using 650/651 & 650XL/651XL cartridges
Quality of Ink
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