1. 250ml Trend Vision Print Head Cleaning Fluid Kit
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    250ml Trend Vision Print Head Cleaning Fluid Kit

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250ml Trend Vision Print Head Cleaning Kit for Inkjet Printers

Formulated specifically for both Thermal (Canon and HP) and Piezo electronic (Brother and Epson) inkjet printheads, this powerful cleaning fluid contains four different solvents in combination to tackle more difficult blockages. The majority of printhead cleaning fluids contain anywhere up to 80% water. The remaining amount typically contains a mild solvent such as Diethylene Glycol.

  • Suitable for Dye ink and Pigment Ink printers
  • Powerful combination of solvents
  • Pure solvent base (not water like most)
  • Can remove dried ink, dust and other blockages from printers and capping stations
  • Syringe and tubing provided for cleaning nozzles
  • Includes printer specific tools for your printer
  • Safe for both Thermal and delicate Piezo heads
  • Contains ink dispersion specific solvents formulated specifically for inkjet printers
  • Infuses at atmospheric pressure to diffuse sedimented ink particles within the heads
  • Contains a de-humidification agent to prevent print head corrosion
  • REACH and RoHS Compliant
  • ISO 9001 / UKAS Quality Assured
  • Full instructions provided for most Epson, Canon, HP and Brother Printers.

Occasionally inkjet printers may develop minor blockages to the print heads. A head blockage is identifiable by performing a nozzle check. Once printed examine the nozzle check pattern and identify and missing or misaligned lines

Please Note: This will not fix faulty printheads, it is a cleaner used for removing dried particles from your print head. If your print head has a physical faul it will not repair it.

Please Note: Cleaning fluid can resolve the majority of issues however in some cases, particularly if no ink is showing on a nozzle check, the ink may be too solidified in the feed channels to the printheads for any type of cleaning fluid to break down enough and pass through. In these types of situations it is unlikely any cleaning solution will resolve the issue. Whilst cleaning fluid can be very sucessful there are situations where cleaning fluid will not resolve printhead related issues.


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