Why upgrade your CISS?

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To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question?

There are a number of ink systems (CISS) and refill inks available these days, pretty much everywhere you look. The problem is that you never know what you are actually getting with the majority being pretty average quality imports from Asia. Some of these products can harm the sensitive print heads resulting in a costly repair bill or broken printer.

So how do you know which is which?

Unfortunately it is very difficult as things are often not what they seem. Back in 2002 a company called rihac had an idea. Their idea was to create a quality product that would be a truly economical alternative to expensive ink cartridges. The result was a product now known as the CISS.

In the following decade they refined the idea with ongoing product development, multiple product and innovation patents coupled with the highest standards in third party ink technology. Their product now known as the Inklink is regarded as the best CISS available, and as they claim, "No one knows CISS better than us, after all we created it and continue to develop and perfect it."

What is the difference?

The difference between the premium rihac products and the copies is quality - Quality of the system and quality of the ink.

To understand why, you need to understand the Asian market. The Asian market is 4 billion people who generally have a much lower income than the western world. To sell in this market you need to produce the product as cheaply as possible so it can be sold cheap. So when you make an ink as cheap as possible you use the cheapest dyes and carrier fluids. The end products can certainly produce a pleasing result but fade quickly, have lower shelf life, block print heads more frequently and in extreme examples can physically damage print heads and render the printer useless.

But I see heaps of products that are the same price or even more expensive than the rihac products?

A quick look at Ebay and you can see cheap Chinese systems (even identical systems to our basic and standard products) sold at over inflated pricing and with a great deal of 'creative advertising'.

The reason is obvious when you think about it, Money!!!!. Buy in a cheap import product of low quality at extremely low cost, advertise it as a high quality product and sell it at just under (or even above) the highest quality product available. So at Inkghost we just give you the choice. If you want to use a basic Chinese product then don't pay an over inflated price and know what you are getting.

Our aim is to take the guess work out, allowing you to make a choice from a high end, medium end or lower end product based on your informed decision and budget. Our only advice is that you do need to be realistic and accept that you get what you pay for. The basic and standard products are fine but they are cheaper than the premium for a reason so don't expect the same results.