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    Basic Quality CISS DCP-116C
    [lc47 basic]

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Basic Grade CISS

  • Basic Grade CISS imported from China
  • Prefilled with basic quality inks imported from China
  • Choice of 80ml or 120ml reservoir
  • No chips required
Compatible with
Brother LC47 printers
Quality of CISS
Ink Quality



The unit comprises of a large reservoir of ink (100mls of each colour) that sits outside your printer. Attached to the reservoir is a set of silicone tubes which feed into special cartridges you use instead of your current cartridges. The printer works exactly the same way but now you have 100mls of each colour rather than 10mls (which is the contents of the average cartridge).

Even better, when you get low on ink, just pull out the plug on the reservoir and pour in some refill ink.


Best of all you are saving up to 92% compared to the cost of cartridges.


Obviously, the more you print the more you will be saving.


Consider it this way, The Brother LC47 cartridges have approximately 18.5mls of usable ink inside. Brother cartridges retails for around $45 for the black and $25 for each of the colour cartridge (prices correct as of Feb 2014 via officeworks online*)


Rihac CISS is prefilled with 400ml of Rihac ink and is equivalant to approximately 22 Brother cartridges which would cost you about $648.00 to purchase seperately.



A Rihac set of replacement inks (4 x 100ml of each colour) would cost you $46.80 for 400mls of ink. To buy the same amount of Brother cartridges it would cost you over $648.00*. Therefore when refilling your CISS you will save $601.20 everytime you refill!!!


How long it take to install the unit?

Comprehensive instructions are provided with your inklink. The system should take you literally 5 minutes to install depending on the printer model.



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