1. A3 120gsm Matte Vinyl Inkjet Printable Sticker Paper -20pk
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    A3 120gsm Matte Vinyl Inkjet Printable Sticker Paper -20pk

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Vinyl Inkjet Printable Sticker Paper - Matte x 20 Sheets

This newly released product from Rihac Australia is an inkjet printable white PP film vinyl sticker sheet available in both a matte and glossy finish.

  • Suitable for both dye or pigment based inkjet printers (not suitable for laser printers)
  • Made from Vinyl PP film (not PVC)120gsm weight excluding backingNon yellowing
  • Backing sheet comprises of a clear film
  • Printed images are water resistant (not waterproof) and if printed with dye inkjet inks will not run when exposed to water
  • High tack permanent adhesive
  • Incredibly sharp image with no bleed
  • This product is not suitable for laser printers

The media is made from a PP vinyl film and not PVC like other products. PVC contains around 30% by weight of Chlorine and produces toxic fumes if incinerated. PP on the other hand will generate only carbon dioxide and water. Home inkjet printer inks are around 80% water and dilute when exposed to water but once printed with dye based inkjet inks the media does entrap the inks and become water resistant, in that the images will not run when exposed to moisture, but they are not to be considered waterproof.

When printing with pigment inks the print is less durable (as you would expect with photo papers etc) due to the nature of pigment inks laying on the surface and not absorbing into the media.

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