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    Epson 73 & 73N Refillable Cartridges

    Price:  $32.00


Epson 73 & 73N 2 Part Refillable Cartridge Set

  • Refillable cartridge set to suit Epson brand printers using 73 & 73N cartridges
  • 4 x Auto Reset Chip Cartridge Cover
  • 12 x Refillable Cartridge inserts
  • Easy to refill
  • Ink level Windows
  • Cartridge Capacity 14ml, twice the volume of 73N Cartridges
  • Unique 2 part cartridge system for easy replacement
Compatible with

Compatible with any Epson Printer using 73 / 73N Cartridges -C79, C90, C110 CX3900, CX4900, CX5500, CX5900, CX6900F, CX7300, CX8300, CX9300F, T10, T20, T21, T30, T40W, TX100, TX110, TX200, TX210, TX300F, TX400, TX510FN, TX550W, TX600FW & TX610FW